Adding support for search on all variable dropdowns


We had updated our dropdown component during variable selection to now support β€˜Search’, making it really easy for you to find and select your variable.

Note: You can even create new variables through this component.


More operators in 'Branch' action block


The branch action block has been supercharged with a range of new operators.

The new operators are,

  • contains

  • does not contain

  • is empty

  • is not empty

  • equals

  • not equals to


Stop bouncing animation of the chat widget

We kept a hovering animation as default to make the chat widget more noticeable on your website.

Some like it, some don’t.

We are introducing a feature to turn this on or off to please both audiences.


Variable Manager


It was a bit tedious to manage variables on the bot builder, which often led to the duplication of variables.

With this launch, we’re introducing a centralized way of managing all the variables in your account.

Now, you can create contact and conversation variables easily from the variable manager, and also archive variables that are not in use to maintain a clean variable list.

With this, on the bot builder, you will now be asked to select variables instead of typing them out. And if you need to create a new variable, just create one from there.


Embed Chatbots on an iFrame

Make your webpage conversational by embedding your chatbots on it.

You can even add multiple bots on an individual webpage. Your landing pages and blogs are ideal for adding the chatbot scripts to improve conversion rates and enhance the UX.


Array format support on Service Call


Service Call now supports array format on the request body.


Fallback value support on variables

New Feature

You can now define fallback value while using variables.

So that if you use a variable that does not contain any value, it will use the fallback value instead of a blank.

  • Grey color - Signifies that a fallback value is not provided

  • Blue color - Signifies that a fallback value is provided




Fallback value is not provided


Fallback value is provided


Improved user experience to book meetings


When a meeting is requested, visitors will be greeted with a better UX showing the exact details of that event and who it is with, and then the user can choose to book the slot.

After a successful booking, this booking card will automatically update to show the status.


Invoke calendar requests via live chat

New Feature

While conversing with visitors through web live chat or slack live chat, you can now request that meetings be booked.

Select the event you want to request, and the visitor will be presented with the option to choose the slot.


Limit future bookings on Google Calendar


Now onwards, you can define how many calendar / business days in the future do you want to show on the Google Calendar UI while booking a meeting.

Calendar days - includes weekends

Business days - excludes weekends