New Feature

Many of our enterprise customers have been asking for an ability to listen to events occurring on the WotNot platform.

With this update, you will be able to subscribe to the events that you want to listen to and take actions.

To begin with, here are the events we are releasing, but we will be adding more soon.

Learn more β†’


Buttons - UX Improvements


The most popularly used chat element is the buttons action block.

And there’s a reason to why it is extremely popular because its interface makes it really simple for someone to select an option.

Here are some of the improvements you will see on the buttons action block now,


Easily find your option with a search box for every button list.


Select more than one option at a time.

Vertical layout

Shows the list of buttons in a vertical layout.

And some more…

  • Display up to 200 buttons.

    • System would display only 10 buttons and then show a β€˜Show more’ button

  • Button sorting to sort the list of buttons in the following manner,

    • A-Z

    • Z-A

    • Random

    • As defined


Utility action blocks support on outbound bots


We now support the existing action blocks of Service Call, Javascript, Codeblock, and Branch while creating outbound bots.

With this, you will be able to create smarter outbound journeys that can be logically branched as per the business requirement.


New WhatsApp API provider - TechAlpha

We have introduced support for a new WhatsApp API provider β€˜TechAlpha’.

They offer reliable and cost-effective prices for enterprise/high-volume customers.

Reach out to them for quotes at


Support dynamic URLs on outbound bots


While creating WhatsApp templates, you can now use variables while configuring CTA buttons that open URLs.

Particularly helpful when these URLs are dynamic to each user like order confirmation, invoice page etc.


Static delay support on outbound bots

You can now choose to add the following types of delays:

  • Relative: Bound to a duration like 2 days, 4 hours, etc.

  • Static: Bound to an exact time like 5 pm EST

This functionality acts as a scheduler while running outbound campaigns as well.


'tel' and 'mailto' support

New Feature

While adding URLs on buttons or just hyperlinking text on the rich text editor, we will now support the β€˜tel’ and β€˜mailto’ functions.

This will allow you to directly open email or take the user to the phone dialer to the specified number.


Updated token limit on AI Studio


We had noticed that most users were facing a β€œToken exceeds limit” error while training the AI model for their website/files.

This was because every account had a limit on the number of tokens you can use to train a AI model as ChatGPT would charge based on these tokens.

To solve this problem, we have increased the token limit from 8,100 tokens to 3,000,000 tokens.

We’re confident now that no users will face such issues.


Language change location


We are moving the location of the language change to under the profile menu.

This will enable easy switching of language to users.


Channel as a feature


You will now be able to restrict the channel as a feature for your accounts.

This can be applied to your pricing plans and sold as an upsell.

When a channel is disabled the user will not be able to create a bot for that channel and configure its channel configuration.